TPM002 เครื่องพิมพ์สายไฟ PVC Tube Printer PC Cable id Printer Wire Marking Machine S-650E



รหัสสินค้า : TPM002
ยี่ห้อ : BIOVIN
รุ่น : S-650E
ราคา :20900.00 ฿

รายละเอียดสินค้า : เครื่องพิมพ์สายไฟ PVC Tube Printer PC Cable id Printer Wire Marking Machine S-650E

Product application:
But in PVC casing, heat shrinkable tube, adhesive label print materials such as in both Chinese and English characters, etc. It is suitable for all kinds of low voltage complete sets of equipment, electric power, communication, automation, automobile manufacturing and all involves line identification in the field of enterprise.
Product features:
The use of a machine: printable PVC casing, heat shrinkable tube, sticker three material;
White backlit LCD display, all Chinese interface, support Chinese pinyin input, 2 line content display, it can display line 14 English letters or seven Chinese character or symbol;
Print accuracy for 300 dpi, using thermal transfer way;
Automatic half cut or not half cut, and adjustable half cutting depth;
High speed printing, 25 mm per second the print speed; Half cut print condition can be printed per minute 35 period of 20 mm long sleeve, 40 period of 20 mm long sticker;
Large storage, with 1 g storage space, can also store 128 files;
Simple 62 key Chinese computer keyboard, the operation is easy.
High-performance imported ribbon, make clear handwriting, long do not fade,
Long durability and print head adds wear-resisting layer, prolong life;
High performance: the high quality and reasonable price, consumables batch economy, reduce the total cost of the user.
Equipped with handbag, easy to carry, suitable for all kinds of situations.
Product detailed technical parameters description:

Print method:
thermal transfer
Resolution: 300DPI
Print Materials: casing, stickers, thermal control
Print speed: 25MM / sec
Per minute casing print the number of segments: 35 segment 20MM
Per minute sticker print the number of segments: 40 segment 20MM
Display: LCD, white backlight, dual-line display
Printable word character: Chinese, English, numbers and special symbols
Select Font Size: 6 kinds of font
Storage of a G Memory: can store up to 128 files
Material cut: Auto half cut, manual full cut
Ribbon: special ribbon, black and white
Mean time between failures (MTBF): 5000IH JF
Power supply: DC 12V 3.5A
Operating ambient temperature: 15 Degrees Celsius-35 Degrees Celsius
Weight: 2.0Kg
Dimension: 290×270×100mm

Consumable Name Type Model
Ribbon: black 12mm×80m/box RS-80B
white 12mm×80m/box RS-80W
Label: 6mm white 6mm×8m/box LS-06W
6mm silvery 6mm×8m/box LS-06A
6mm yellow 6mm×8m/box LS-06Y
9mm white 9mm×8m/box LS-09W
9mm silvery 9mm×8m/box LS-09A
9mm yellow 9mm×8m/box LS-09Y
12mm white 12mm×8m/box LS-12W
12mm silvery 12mm×8m/box LS-12A
12mm yellow 12mm×8m/box LS-12Y
Tube: PVC tube Ø2-Ø10mm
shrinkable tube Ø2-Ø16mm
Half-cutting knife: TH-01

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