TPM001 เครื่องพิมพ์สายไฟ PVC Tube Printer PC Cable id Printer Wire Marking Machine S-700E



รหัสสินค้า : TPM001
ยี่ห้อ : BIOVIN
รุ่น : S-700E
ราคา :22900.00 ฿

รายละเอียดสินค้า : เครื่องพิมพ์สายไฟ PVC Tube Printer PC Cable id Printer Wire Marking Machine S-700E 
1. The tube printer serves several purposes: print PVC tube, shrinkable tube and label.
2. White backlight LCD display screen, the screen language can be selected from english or chinese.
3. The printer can do half-cutting automatically, the cutting depth is adjustable.
4. High printing speed, 25mm/second in normal ssituation, 300dpi.
5. Has 1G memory, can store Max. 128 files at the same time.
7. With simple 62-key computer keyboard, the machine can be operated easily.
8. The machine is very durable, with wearing course added on the printer head.

Function summary
1.The machine have powerful function,human-based design and white backlight LCD display screen, all those make it convenient to inquire.
2.Auto half cut and manual full cut
3.The machine can input 1000 characters continuously and simultaneously, and can print high efficiency in quantities;
4.Can set each paragraph independently;
5.Six type sizes of character is offered to select, the letter is clear and artistic, and the deepness of print can be seted too.
6.You can enframe or underline letter, and can set the alignment method and array direction;
7.Repeatable and can put in serial-number at will which can save a lot of input time for the user.
8.Several special symbols can select.
9.The half-cutting knife’s depth can be adjusted freely to prevent be damaged prematurely;
10.The machine can print double lines;
11.With cursor printing, you can set the print range freely.
12.The machine has overlarge memory, which can store 128 files at the same time.
13.The machine can run by connected with PC.

Printing method: thermal transfer
Availabel material: Ø2 ~ Ø8mm PVC tube / shrinkable tube, 6/9/12mm label
Resolution ratio: 300dpi
Printing Speed: 25mm/s
Half-cutting speed: 35pcs PVC tube of 20mm
Printing letter: english word, number and symbols.
Keyboard: 64-key computer keyboard
Memory: 1G, save Max. 128 files at a time
Cutting Method: Auto half cut and manual full cut
Power: DC 12V 3.5A
Weight: 2.0Kg
Dimension: 290×270×100mm


Consumable      Name                 Type               Model
Ribbon:        black               12mm×80m/box      RS-80B
white                12mm×80m/box      RS-80W
Label:        6mm white        6mm×8m/box          LS-06W
6mm silvery         6mm×8m/box          LS-06A
6mm yellow        6mm×8m/box          LS-06Y
9mm white         9mm×8m/box          LS-09W
9mm silvery         9mm×8m/box          LS-09A
9mm yellow         9mm×8m/box          LS-09Y
12mm white        12mm×8m/box        LS-12W
12mm silvery        12mm×8m/box        LS-12A
12mm yellow        12mm×8m/box        LS-12Y
Tube:      PVC tube             Ø2-Ø10mm
shrinkable tube      Ø2-Ø16mm
Half-cutting knife:                TH-01

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ส่งทางไปรษณีย์แบบลงทะเบียน 50 บาท    3-4 วันทำการ
ส่งทางไปรษณีย์แบบ EMS เพิ่ม 200 บาท 1-2 วันทำการ
พกง EMS (เก็บเงินปลายทาง) เพิ่ม 400 บาท  1-2 วันทำการ
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